"Amazing place in the real Italy"

Please go – it is perfect! The views are incredible, where ever you look and no matter if you are on food or by car, the scenery is amazing. The house is located in the mountains, looking over several fields in different shades of green. We lived in the small house for a week, with our three year old daughter and it was perfect. The house is big enough, new bathroom, great bed, all you need is there and even though it rained a day, we had enough space and enjoyed our vacation. Lisbeth is the perfect host, she phoned the local restaurant and ordered the real Italien food for us, and we had an excellent dining experience, thanks to her. She helped with all the good places to see and we both saw the parmesan production one early morning and visited the Balsamico production. If you have the possibility, we sincerely hope you’ll go, you’ll not regret it. We definitely plan to go back again."
Anne and Thommy

Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena

Come and visit an ”Acetaia” and have a look into a different world

“Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena” is a premier brand of balsamic vinegar. It is made from the thick, sweet syrup (”saba”) reduced through evaporation, or cooking of juice from, for example, Trebbiano grapes. Then carefully aged in barrels made of different kinds of wood for years – the finest up to 50 years. In the old days children from well-to-do families were given a battery of six small wooden barrels of Aceto Balsamico as a christening gift.

Because of the natural temperature fluctuations, nearby Modena, Vignola and Spilamberto is where the most fantastic balsamic vinegar is produced. We have contact with a family who are passionate about the balsamico they produce and like to show and explain the process. Proudly they let us taste a few precious drops.

Balsamico festivals are held every year in many towns around here from May 22nd to June 6th

You can book a guided tour on "Bologna Welcome"

Aceto Balsamico is used in a lot of regional dishes. Naturally it is used with olive oil in salads, but it is also beyond imagining its taste on fried and oven baked meats, chunks of Parmesan cheese, fresh strawberries or vanilla ice cream……uhm…!