"The visit to Casa Antonietto is a small revelation for those who like to bike, walk, relaxation and enjoy some of the good food in Emiglia Romagna and not to forget to mention the culture in the area!
- We are looking forward to our next visit."
Michael & Lena, August 2013

Experience the country from the saddle of your bicycle

Eldorado for those of you who dream of bicking in the Italian mountains

Do you see Italy from your bicycle you have nature in front of you. The Italian geography is very diverse. The flat area is mostly around The Plains of PO but also around here in many of the valleys. The terrain is hilly with soft hills and steeper mountains. The plains and the slopes are mostly cultivated. The crops vary with the seasons. You have different panoramic views wherever you turn. The mix of colors, scents and all kinds of impressions is best explored from your bicke.

Foto from Giro d'Italia up to Coscogno .

The road up to Coscogno !

up and up !

They drove through the city Pavullo after Coscogno !