Gourmet experiences in the true Italy

The food is characterized by simplicity and high-quality ingredients

We find ourselves in Emilia Romagna, where they produce Parmesan cheese, Lambrusco wine, Parma ham, Mortadella salami and Aceto Balsamico. This is also the area where the tortelinis, tortelonies and sauce bolognaise originated. The region is called “the Italian breadbasket”.

We can show you the way to a long line of authentic restaurants in all price ranges for instance …. La Staffa…. Ca´Cerfogie… Da Silvio……. Hosteria Giusti…. Locanda Zita….. Trattoria del Borgo …Il Principe ( great pizzas ) … Osteria dei Due Mare (fish restaurant i Vignola) … Trattoia dai Mugnai ….La Zucca Felice .. Osteria Francescana .