The Opera in Verona

The opera in Verona is an open air performance which cannot be described – you must experience it to understand

When twilight falls and the candles are lit before the performance the old roman arena is filled with an almost magical atmosphere.

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It is only 140 kilometers from Casa Antonietto to the wonderful arena in Verona. Built in the first century after Christ, it was at the time outside the city wall. In 1183 an earthquake devastated most of the theatre and several houses were built from the ruin’s stones! That practice was stopped in the 16 century when they started restoring the arena.

Initially the arena was used for gladiatorial combat and the burning of Christians. When that form of entertainment went out of fashion it was used for all kinds of things: bullfighting, duels, fencing, shows and exhibitions. The first opera performed in the arena was “Aida” by Verdi, in 1913. Today “Aida” is considered the opera par excellence of this arena. Also performed in Verona are many of the greatest classics by Verdi, Puccini and Bizet.

The largest opera of the world, it holds 22,000 – most seated on the original stone steps around the sides. It is difficult to imagine the greatness of the arena without having been there, but think that often there will be 300 to 400 singers and extras on stage. The marvellous acoustics makes it so everyone hears the singing without any electronics being involved.

On entry each audience member is given a small candle. Then in the dark before the performance they are asked to light the candles in remembrance of the Christian martyrs. Imagine being there for that scene!