”Casa Antonietto is an Italian gem, here you find all your heart could desire. The surroundings invite contemplation. The house has soul and inspires you with peace. We are looking forward to return.”
Carl Erik og Sus

Discover 'Rocca di Vignola' - a beautiful restored Fortress

An elegant Renaissance castle with a lot of frescoes mostly dating back to the 15th century only 20 kilometers from Coscogno

The city of Vignola is a very charming city, located only 20 km from Coscogno. There is many lovely fashion stores and a big marked every Thursday morning. You have to go there.

In center of Vignola 'Rocca di Vignola' is located as an old Fortress. The history dates back to the 8th century. You can find information about it on the link above.

There is a lot of good restaurants in all price ranges for instance ... a fish restaurant 'Osteria dei Due Mare' , 'Taverna dei Tre Mori' ....

Every Friday evening there will be a marked and many musicevents in the middle of the city.

You also find a big park with several swimmingpools if you like to swim.