And concerning bicycling - if you do not have the strength to use the steep hills, we can recommend the low lands south of Modena. The small cities are well connected with a net of good, paved bike lanes not close to the car lanes."
Susanne & Jørgen

Casa Piccola - the small holiday apartment

A beautiful little apartment in Italy with a fantastic mountain views

The little guesthouse/apartment is built on top of the earlier portico.

A small and cosy apartment with an abundance light - the great window section faces west. The larger house blocks direct sun, so it is not too hot inside, even without shutters.

  • Livingroom with a dining table and a central fireplace.
  • There is room for 2 people in the dobbeltbed on the first floor.
  • It is possible to make an extra bed for a child.
  • The kitchen is open, with acces to the garden and a cosy covered portico.
  • There is easy access to Casa Antonietto´s own pizza oven.
  • Large and beautiful bathroom with a hairdryer.
  • In the kitchen there is a gas stovetop combined with a convection oven and also a small refrigerator.
  • There is also access to the laundry room where you can wash whenever you wish.
  • It is of course allowed to use the several large and small terraces around the house and on the common grounds.
  • The many sunny spots, shady hideaways, barbecue, pizza oven and art studio may be used by all guest.
  • See photos below..